Organising a meeting or a conference can be chaotic and stressful

PR Language Services SPRL-S will provide you with all the services needed for a smooth meeting, from the needed equipment to the team of interpreters. We will take care of everything so you don't have to worry about anything.

Booths and microphones


Should your conference or meeting will be held in a big room with hundreds or thousands of attendees, PR Language Services SPRL-S can organise all the required equipment for a smooth meeting. We will provide the booths for the interpreters and the microphones for the speakers.



Portable interpretation equipment


Whether it's a site visit or a small committee meeting, PR Language Services SPRL-S can provide the most suitable equipment for these events. We will adapt to your requirements and we will make communication between all the participants possible. 



Professional interpreters


Should you need a team of interpreters, PR Language Services SPRL-S will provide you with the best team of professional interpreters. We apply the highest standards of professionalism and observe the confidentiality of the information and documents treated. 




Translation of documents


Should your documents need to be translated before the meeting so participants can have the agenda, the financial statements or any needed documentation to be used in the meeting and not felt left behind due to the linguistic barriers, PR Language Services SPRL-S can also provide the translation of the documents prior to that event. 

Do you need more information? Do not hesitate to contact PR Language Services SPRL-S for further information or quotes.